ChatSILO Support & Documentation

Welcome To Chatsilo Support

Thank you for installing and or purchasing chatsilo chrome extension. Reading this documentation would help you to quickly get started with installing chatsilo and finding answers to common problems you might have while using the extension. After reading this and still have any question, please email us at Thank you so much!

Chatsilo Features

  • Custom tags
  • Canned responses
  • Message templates
  • Messenger notes
  • Messenger reminders
  • Google calendar integration
  • ...More in the making

Chatsilo Chrome Extension

Installing Chatsilo chrome extension

  1. If you've not installed the extension, you need to do so from here using the video below as a guide.
  2. After installing, you can start using it immediately but if you need to have unlimited usage, you need to go here.

How to use chatsilo chrome extension

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